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The home care services that we offer here at Gedeon Caring Touch, LLC focus on providing you with comfort and social engagement at home. These services include the following:

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Disability Services

Gedeon Caring Touch will be happy to arrange home care services that will be ideal for your family members. We first assess their home care needs and create an individualized care plan that will address the specific care requirements related to their disability. Services include personal support, companion services (community inclusion), respite services, and personal care assistance. We work with physicians, care managers, therapists, and schools to establish and initiate care.

These services are provided to individuals with developmental or other forms of disability. Our goal is to empower them in living the life they deserve in their homes and within their community.

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Memory Care at Home

Our person-centered memory care is provided to seniors with memory problems, cognitive issues, or dementia. Our professionally trained care providers will assist them with their daily tasks to ensure a better quality of life.


Support for Chronic Conditions

These services are intended to help those dealing with chronic diseases live an independent and fulfilling life at home as their condition progresses. Our caregivers will help them maintain their lifestyle for as long as possible.

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24/7 Complex Care

Our care professionals are skilled and qualified to provide round-the-clock care for your loved ones so they don’t have to move to a skilled nursing facility.

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Post-Hospitalization Support

We provide hands-on, dedicated care following a long-term hospitalization or a major surgical operation. This is to ensure smooth care transition and to speed up your recovery.

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End-of-Life Care

For those at the end of life, comfort is of utmost importance. Our end-of-life care services allow those in the final stages of their lives to be in the familiar and peaceful environment of their homes.

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Frailty or Fall Risk Support

Those with restricted mobility are more prone to falls and other accidents at home. To help boost their self-confidence, our caregivers can assist with ambulation and general movement.

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Companion Care

Our care professionals can provide your loved ones with their much-needed companionship so they don’t feel alone and isolated at home.

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Help Around the Home

These services are intended to support seniors who are mostly independent and healthy. Our caregivers will assist with light housekeeping and other home management responsibilities.

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Life Care Planning

Our professional care managers can extend their knowledge and expertise with you to help in navigating through your financial, legal, and care options.

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Not Sure of Care Needs

If you are not sure about the type of care you need, you don’t have to worry. Our care team will be here to guide you.

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